• COVID-19 Pandemic in India - ICCRzs sent 121 units of high quality Oxygen Concentrators to India

    Dear friends, patrons and members of the ICCR z.s.
    As the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in India brings chaos and claims precious lives, all Indians abroad, near and far, are as well struggling with the emotional toll. When your dear and loved ones are half a world away, how can one help during the time of a crisis?
    The volunteers at the Indian Community in Czech Republic (ICCRzs) have collected contributions of over 2,0 mil. CZK (over 70 lakhs INR) and have dispatched the first shipment of 121 units of high quality Oxygen Concentrators (Philips Respironics – Everflo).
    A big thankyou to all the patrons and volunteers. We will not rest and our efforts continue!
    You can make a difference and help more by contributing still more donations to the ICCRzs towards –
    - Mission Oxygen: Immediately sending Oxygen Concentrators and Ventilators to India, through registered NGOs, thereby saving precious lives, and
    - Mission Vaccination: Immediately sending resources to registered NGOs in India focussed on delivering vaccination shots to the needy and saving lives as well as building a permanent shield against future infections.
    How to contribute –
    please send donations through bank transfers to Indian Indian Community in Czech Republic z. s. (IČ: 079 39 124)
    Bank: ČSOB, a.s. , Account No. 287871806/0300
    Variable symbol: 2021777 , Constant symbol: 4719,
    Message for receiver: Mission Oxygen-Mission Vaccination
    As one of our volunteers said so well „Even during a time of like this, during a pandemic, when we feel so isolated and confined, there is such power to people coming together“
    We need more volunteers for serving the Indian community
    As we are working on more mission initiatives, all of us - the Indian Community in the Czech Republic, would very much like to hear from you – you can volunteer your time or share your resources with the community. Every little helps!
    Write to us at info@indiancommunity.cz

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